About DeepSix Publishers

DeepSix is primarily the publishing arm of BetaReader.us community of readers and writers.

How it works:

Once your book has been proofed and proofed again by some of the over 400 BetaReader Community readers, editors, and grammar Nazi’s, and a buzz has been created through the Journal, DeepSix will either publish your work or wish you well as you publish yourself or seek another publisher.

Submission Guidelines

If you join, participate, and share with the Community, we’ll know about you.

If you have a book you think is ready to go or wish to discuss other matters, contact us at:

Telephone (805) 683-1200

Email: Editor@deepsixpub.com

Snail: PO Box 4072

Santa Barbara, CA 93140-4072

Comment Box below.

Rights and Permission

Request permission to use a portion of one of our books for your classroom, anthologies, foreign translation rights, film, audio, and all other queries.

Media Requests

We welcome all requests for a galley or review copy, cover or author image, or an author interview.

Find DeepSix Books

Our books in print and e-books are available in bookstores around the world and online